Distance Sale Contract

Seller Information:

  • Company Name: Currently O.O.O.
  • Address: [Seller's Address]
  • Phone: [Seller's Phone Number]
  • Email: [Seller's Email Address]

Buyer Information:

  • Buyer's Name/Surname: [Buyer's Name Surname]
  • Address: [Buyer's Address]
  • Phone: [Buyer's Phone Number]
  • Email: [Buyer's Email Address]

Subject of the Contract: This contract regulates the terms of the distance sale of [Product/Service Description] offered for sale by Currently O.O.O., conducted electronically between the parties.

Product Information:

  • Product Name: [Product Name]
  • Model/Code: [Model/Code]
  • Quantity/Price: [Quantity and Total Price]
  • Shipping Cost: [Shipping Cost]

Delivery and Shipping:

  • Delivery Address: [Buyer's Delivery Address]
  • Delivery Method: Courier
  • Delivery Time: Within [Delivery Time] business days from the confirmation of the order.


  • Payment Method: [Payment Method (Credit Card, Bank Transfer, etc.)]
  • Payment Amount: [Total Payment Amount]

Right of Withdrawal: The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without providing any reason and without paying any penalty within 14 days from the date of receiving the product. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must notify the seller in writing within this period and return the product in its original package and unused.

Returns and Exchanges: If the product is defective or not as ordered, the buyer can return it within 30 days from the date of receipt. Following the inspection of the returned product, the paid amount will be refunded to the buyer.

Approval of the Contract: This contract becomes valid upon electronic approval by the buyer as of the date of approval and is deemed accepted by the parties.

Seller's Signature: [Seller's Signature]

Buyer's Signature: [Buyer's Signature]